Kim Il Sung, Peerless Elder Statesman

kim il sung and fidel castro ruz, march 9, 1986

Kim Il Sung with Fidel Castro Ruz, March 1986.

President Kim Il Sung was an outstanding leader and peerless elder statesman who glorified the 20th century as the one of independence.

He created the immortal Juche idea to usher in the era of independence, which was highly praised as a great event, distinguished services.

With steadfast faith and will of Juche and ardent patriotism, Kim Il Sung had successfully applied the Juche idea in the revolution and construction, thus setting an example of independent politics.

In the whole period of leading the revolution, he had always maintained the principle of independent politics and firmly defended the interests of the revolution, leading the trend of the 20th century to the path of independence.

kim il sung with shin kanemaru and makoto tanabe, september 26, 1990

Kim Il Sung with Shin Kanemaru and Makoto Tanabe, Sept 1990.

He made a great contribution to realizing the cause of global independence by authoring many famous works. And he met more than 70,000 foreigners, including over 400 party leaders and heads of state and government from 136 countries, and gave them important teachings.

Therefore, it is not without reason that Fidel Castro Ruz, ex-president of the Council of State of Cuba, Francois Mitterrand, ex-president of France, Shin Kanemaru, ex-vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, and Jimmy Carter, ex-U.S. president, spoke highly of Kim Il Sung as "the most experienced and prestigious man", "the greatest man", "the great statesman" and "the great sun god of human destiny."

In his lifetime, Kim Il Sung was awarded the highest orders and medals, honorary citizenship, honorary professorship and doctorate of many countries and international bodies.

Over 165,900 pieces of gifts were presented to him by party leaders, heads of state and government and progressive peoples from 169 countries as well as overseas Koreans and south Korean people.

kim il sung with jimmy carter, june 16, 1994

Kim Il Sung with Jimmy Carter, June 1994.

And the number of orders and medals, honorary titles and gifts is on a steady increase by the world progressives.

Immortal flower Kimilsungia is being cultivated and colorful events are taking place one after another to praise him across the world.


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