His Prodigious Stratagems Led to Miraculous Victories

kim il sung war victory speech, july 28, 1953

Kim Il Sung War Victory Speech, July 28, 1953. (Photo Uriminzokkiri)

President Kim Il Sung was an iron-willed brilliant commander. First of all, he was possessed of extraordinary military stratagems, unlike any other illustrious military experts or generals who have ever been recorded in history.

He always led all the battles against the Japanese invaders to victory with brilliant intelligence, encyclopedic military knowledge and scientific and creative decisions. He dealt severe blows at the enemy with the wonderful protean guerrilla tactics he originated during the anti-Japanese warfare. He was, no doubt, a legendary hero.

The tactics and resulting victories have so far gone down in history and regarded as legends.

The Fatherland Liberation War was decisive of the destiny of the country and the people. He led the people and the armed forces with mythological powers and enabled them to win the FLW.

He ensured that an instant counterattack was made on the invaders on his own initiative to frighten them out of their wits and that a heavy cruiser of the enemy was destroyed in the sea off Jumunjin without precedent in the world history of naval battles. He also saw to it that the operations for the liberation of Taejon City led to victory and thus set an example in a modern battle of encirclement.

Thanks to his military stratagems, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea could win the FLW despite its inferiority in military and economic strength to the enemy and the assertions of already-made military manuals.

Today the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un makes sure that the history of Kim Il Sung is cherished in the memories of our people forever. They are firmly resolved to remain loyal to Kim Jong Un and emerge victorious in their production and construction.

(Rodong Sinmun)

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