His Noble View on the Rising Generation

kim il sung with children

President Kim Il Sung with children. (Photo KCNA)

President Kim Il Sung regarded children as the kings or queens of the country, loved them fervently and made them the happiest in the world. This has not been found yet in any other country.

The Pyongyang Students and Children's Palace is the epitome of his love for children.

Despite the post-war difficulties of the country he saw to it that the PSCP was built on Jangdae Hill, the best site of Pyongyang.

He checked up the design for the PSCP presented by officials. He suggested building it for children more splendidly on a larger scale than the planned palace. He arranged for the PSCP to be planned so that it could be built on the ground 50 000 square meters or over six times larger in area than the designed one.

Being the greatest of all great men, he alone could courageously decide to do that for our children.

When he was present at the opening ceremony of the PSCP, he looked at it again and again. He said that its floorage was very large enough to be equal to the floor space of several machine-building plants together and that millions of won was disbursed for the construction of the PSCP. He added with warmth and great satisfaction that nothing had to be spared to bring up schoolchildren well.

Thanks to his noble view of the rising generation, the children enjoyed happiness and fully realized their ambitions in the country.

Comrade Kim Jong Un remains true to the intention of Kim Il Sung’s infinite love for the children of the country. Consequently, the song "We Are the Happiest in the World" is still resounding far and wide year after year despite the passage of time.

(Rodong Sinmun)

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