Iranians Strive to Build Powerful State

independence, friednship, and peace

After they toppled the Pahlavi dictatorship with a popular uprising on February 11 1979, the Iranian people established the Islamic republic on April 1. Since then, the Iranian people have been building an independent new society.

They are striving to achieve independent development and prosperity of the country while smashing the interference and dominationist moves by outside forces.

Iran puts a big effort into strengthening its defence power to reliably safeguard its sovereignty.

It produces advanced military hardware by relying on its own scientific and technical forces and copes with all sorts of threats to the revolution and territorial integrity on the strength of capable soldiers and advanced weaponry.

The Iranian presidential office in a statement denouncing Israel's threat against the country late last January stressed that the Iranian armed forces were fully prepared to defend the country and cope with any threat from the enemies.

As it is presently under the economic sanctions of the West, Iran is conducting economic activities on the principle of self-sufficiency.

It satisfies the domestic needs for food, farm produce and fuel within the country, and now increases the production of medical equipment conducive to preventing and treating COVID-19.

Also, it regards the protection of forests and pastures as an important undertaking for ensuring food security and directs nationwide efforts to tree planting.

One of the ways to prevent desertification is to manage forests well and this will provide jobs, wealth and fresh air in the long run, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in an event held on March 3, calling for actively planting trees to protect forests.

Iran declared this year as the year of "production, support and removing obstacles" and is steadily pushing ahead with the drive for production growth, which began last year, as a long-term task.

It makes strenuous efforts to develop friendly ties with Middle Eastern countries and maintain regional stability and peace.

The DPRK established diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran on April 15 1973.

The Korean people render active support to the struggle of the Iranian people for safeguarding their sovereignty and achieving peace and stability.

(Pyongyang Times)

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