DPRK's History of Self-reliance (5)

kim il test-fire of the first submachine gun

Presdent Kim Il Sung test-firing the first submachine gun on December 12, 1948. (Photo KCNA)

Recorded in the history of building a new country after Korea's liberation (August 15, 1945) is a feat of the Korean people who built a munitions factory on the ruins and made the first submachine gun by their own efforts and technology.

President Kim Il Sung walked round the Phyongchon plain in Pyongyang on October 2, Juche 34 (1945) to appoint a site for the munitions factory, saying that the Korean people should build new democratic Korea on the ruins, in which everything was destroyed, from now and establish their own ordnance industry as soon as possible, overcoming all the bottlenecks and difficulties.

When the factory was built, he assigned its workers and technicians to a task of manufacturing submachine gun.

True to his teaching that it is important to buckle down to work with a resolve to do it on its own efforts, the employees of the factory made the submachine gun, which could be produced only in developed industrial countries at that time, in a short period by displaying the spirit of self-reliance.

The President visited the factory on December 12, 1948 to test-fire the first submachine gun. That day, he said with high appreciation that the production of submachine by its workers and technicians' efforts and technology is the first victory of the country's munitions industry as well as another proud achievement gained by the Korean people in building a new country.

The first submachine gun report instilled into the minds of the Korean people the truth that there is nothing impossible to do when one struggles in the spirit of self-reliance. 


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