North Hamgyong Youths Volunteer for Hard Jobs

young volunteers of rason city

Young volunteers of Rason City. (Photo Rodong Sinmun)

More than 1,000 officials of the youth league, working youths and students of the graduating class of universities and senior middle schools in North Hamgyong Province volunteered to work in major worksites for economic construction, and schools on islets in forefront areas and in remote mountain villages.

Cha Chung Hyok, who had been working at the North Hamgyong Provincial Youth League Committee, volunteered to work at the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm associated with leadership feats of the Party and Thae Hak Chol, an official of the Myongchon County Youth League Committee, to work in a rural area with patriotic enthusiasm.

Following their examples, a large number of youths in the province volunteered to work in rural areas with ardor to become core and pillars in building up rural outposts of socialism and to join the provincial youth shock brigades.

Dozens of students of graduating class of universities volunteered to teach children on islets in forefront areas and in remote mountain villages.

Enthusiasm among the youth in the province to volunteer to devote their patriotic efforts to implementing the decisions of the Party Congress is getting stronger with each passing day.

congratulatory meeting for young volunteers in rason city theatre

Congratulatory meeting in Rason City Theatre for young volunteers advancing to hard worksites. (Photo Rodong Sinmun)


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