Short Course Given for Cell Secretaries

wpk short course for cell secretaries

(Photo KCNA)

A short course for participants in the 6th Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers' Party of Korea was given from April 9 to 11.

The short course comprehensively dealt with practical matters to decisively enhance the work traits, militant ability and fighting ability of all the Party cells to the level desired by the Party Central Committee by brilliantly carrying forward the revolutionary spirit and fighting tradition peculiar to the Workers' Party of Korea, true to the basic idea of the Conference.

The course was given amid active and high enthusiasm of the participants to grasp the essence of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un 's idea of attaching importance to the Party cells and his line of strengthening the cells and their validity, and to acquire concrete methods for further raising the function and role of the cells so as to adopt innovative way of thinking and work attitude and effect a fresh turn in the cell work.

Stressed with importance during the short course was a matter of building Party cells into the vanguard organizations in which the unified leadership system of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un is firmly established.

The lecturers said that the work of establishing the unified leadership system of the General Secretary is the most important work facing our revolution to which all the organizations of the whole Party including Party cells should put primary efforts and that there can never be perfection in this work and there must never be even an inch of concession and deviation in it.

They called for conducting education in the loyalty for the leaders and in their greatness in an offensive way, properly carrying out education so that loyalty for the Party results in practical achievements in the work and establishing within the Party cells the revolutionary discipline by which work is done only according to the idea and intention of the General Secretary.

It was also mentioned in the course to prepare the Party members to be reliable Kimilsungist-Kimjongilists by strengthening the work of organizing and guiding their Party life.

The course dealt with the issue for the Party cell secretaries to give meticulous guidance over the Party organizational life with a main emphasis put on tempering the Party spirit of Party members and on implementing the Party's policies and accomplishing main revolutionary tasks entrusted to their own units, the issue of arming the Party members with the revolutionary idea of our Party and arousing them to implementing the Party's decisions by putting efforts into strengthening their Party ideological life, and the issue of conducting more dynamically the work to make the Party cells loyal cells and help them glorifying their honor of being loyal cells.

The lecturers underlined the need to make Party cells stones supporting the citadel of single-minded unity by putting great efforts into the work with the masses. Also stressed was the need for the Party cell secretaries to correctly evaluate the present life of people and take motherly care of them, and to intensify the struggle against anti-socialist and non-socialist practices and thus turn Party cells into revolutionary posts standing firm guard over our own-style socialism.

Emphasized was the need for the Party cell secretaries to enshrine deep in mind the respected General Secretary's noble idea of "The People Are God" and "Devoted Service for the People's Wellbeing", and to become roots and foundations in rallying the broad masses closer around the General Secretary and in consolidating our revolutionary position, the class position.

The short course also dealt with the issue to direct the focus of the work of the Party cells into strengthening them into ranks of vanguard fighters for implementing the Party's policies.

Mentioned during the course were the methodological issues for the Party cell secretaries to adopt the Party cell decisions for mobilizing cell members into realistic actions to consistently and thoroughly carry out the Party policies, and to play the role of standard-bearers and vanguard fighters of the ranks by steadily enhancing their political and work level and capabilities as required by the developing reality.

The lecturers called for upholding the respected General Secretary with revolutionary conscience and obligations, while calling for more dynamically waging the work to establish socialist moral traits.

They also underlined the need for the Party cell secretaries to take the lead in establishing noble moral traits among people, adopting sound and civilized lifestyle in society and working conscientiously and devotedly for the Party, the revolution, the state and society.

Exchanging and sharing achievements and experiences, gained in the work of Party cells, during the short course, the participants directed their thinking and search to finding out distinct goals for effecting fundamental innovation in the Party cell work as intended by the General Secretary, and ways for doing so.

The short course helped the participants to be more deeply aware of with what unusual resolution, determination and spirit they should exert themselves in order to live and struggle as standard-bearers and vanguard fighters in the great revolutionary work unfolded by our Party.

All the participants were full of enthusiasm to enshrine deep in their minds the important tasks for strengthening the Party cells and key traits to be possessed by the Party cell secretaries, set forth by the General Secretary, and fully embody them in practical activities and make the Party cells healthy and viable ones closely knitted in the bonds of kinship and thus contribute to boosting the cohesion and militancy of the whole Party in every way. 


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