All-People Hymn "Song of Loyalty"


"Snowstorm on the steep Jangbaek". (Photo VOK)

The all-people hymn "Song of Loyalty" was created in Juche 58 (1969).

The song sings of the noble ideological sentiments of the Korean people to hold in high esteem and follow forever the great leader Kim Il Sung who devoted himself to the liberation of the country and the freedom and happiness of the people and to the victory of the socialist cause.

Here are the words of the song.

Exposed to snowstorm on the steep Jangbaek

Our leader made a long march of revolution

To the great leader who liberated the country

People pledge single-hearted loyalty

He visits farms, his shoes wet with cold dew

He calls at factories in the early snowy morning

His great favour will shine forever

People sing of loyalty from the bottom of their hearts

Bright is the sun on our land of tapestry

Songs of happiness are heard everywhere

People will live in a reunified country

Forever under the care of the great leader

The song is widely sung by the Korean people today, too.

Now you will appreciate the song in female solo and mixed chorus.

Female Solo Ri Hyang Suk and Mixed Chorus "Song of Loyalty"

(Voice of Korea)

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