Eternal Luster Will Be Added to His Great Contributions

road sign in mt osong

Road sign in Mt Osong: "109 Bend 16 Km". (Photo DPRK Today)

By Kim Song Nam

Rodong Sinmun

28 years have passed since all the people of the country and all the officers and men of the Korean People's Army loudly acclaimed Kim Jong Il Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea with great pride and joy in April 1993.

Large numbers of military experts and generals were recorded in history. But they all were no match for Kim Jong Il who defended the country and demonstrated its dignity and might all over the world shattering the heinous machinations of the hostile forces despite so serious difficulties.

Our people still recall warmly that he made an incessant anti-Japanese guerilla-style forced march and paved the way for building a powerful socialist country.

He visited the Chollima Steel Complex and inaugurated another great revolutionary upswings in its production in December 2008. He then proceeded to make an extremely forced march toward national prosperity day and night to ensure that the whole country went out for them.

He inspected the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People's Army early in January 2009. He had since visited Wonsan, Taean, Kiyang, the light industry factories of Pyongyang and the KPA units in a snowstorm. He called at myriads of units without so much as taking a rest on high days and holidays, too.

In those days he inspired our people with the indomitable spirit of Mt Paektu and roused them to great action. They worked with all their might true to his ideas, thus winning signal victories in their struggle and performing miracles to the world's astonishment.

Our people will tell posterity forever that he devoted himself wholly to national security and prosperity, firmly defended the socialist country and laid the firm foundations for everlasting national progress and prosperity.

The history of Kim Jong Il will last forever and our country will surely develop into a dignified, strong and prosperous socialist country under the judicious leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

(Abridged by Rodong Sinmun)

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