Munsu Hill Conveying Noble Patriotic Will

munsu hill, pyongyang

Memorial Stone on Munsu Hill. (Photo Uriminzokkiri)

Spring tree-planting is now getting brisk in different parts of the DPRK.

Since the start of the spring tree-planting, working people in the capital city of Pyongyang have planted tens of thousands of trees and flowering plants in 30-odd species on Munsu Hill in Tongdaewon District and other areas.

Munsu Hill is the place where President Kim Il Sung personally planted trees together with Chairman Kim Jong Il and the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk on April 6, Juche 36 (1947).

On the day, the President attended a ceremony for planting trees held at the foot of Munsu Hill and climbed the hill to plant trees with citizens.

He grieved over the sight of the hill, which was turned into the bare one due to the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule, and told officials to remove the aftereffects as soon as possible by afforesting the hill well. And he dug hard earth with a pickaxe and planted tens of young larch trees, implanting the truth of patriotism in the minds of the people who turned out to build a new country.

That day, the President stressed that all the people should turn out in the afforestation as it is a work of lasting significance to provide the people with a happy life and hand over rich forest resources and beautiful land to posterity and also a difficult and long-term huge work to transform nature. And he indicated the principled issues to be observed in the afforestation.

Today, those trees planted by him convey the noble patriotic will of the peerlessly great person.


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