Pride and Confidence in Our Own Things

my country is the best

Flowery Procession: "My Country Is the Best". (File Photo DPRK Today)

By Han Un Il

Rodong Sinmun

To take pride and confidence in our ideology, culture and morality is an essential requirement for preserving our own things in the spiritual and moral life of the people and firmly consolidating the politico-ideological position of socialism and the revolutionary position.

When one cherishes the pride and confidence that our ideology, culture and morality are the best, one can resolutely oppose and reject any alien ideological trends and practices contrary to them, and it is possible to give full play to the advantages of our own style socialism.

The idea of regarding our ideology, culture and morality as the best ones has nothing to do with chauvinism looking down upon things of others. It calls for carrying on the revolution and construction in our own way with the spirit of valuing and setting great store by our own things and high national pride.

The pride and confidence in our ideology, culture and morality get stronger when all sectors and units create and develop more various and excellent things of our own.

Now that the public demand for a better cultural life grows stronger day by day, people would envy alien things and heterogeneous elements may take roots in their minds, if we fail to develop our own things.

When revolutionary and noble socialist way of life and culture are steadily created and developed to befit the requirements of socialism, the national sentiments of the people, the aspiration of the times and the level of culture, the pride and confidence in our own things will develop into the all-people thoughts and feelings. 

(Abridged by KCNA)

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