Episodes of Warm Care

kim jong un at munsu water park construction site

Kim Jong Un repeatedly visited the construction site of the Munsu Water Park in August and September 2013. (Photo Uriminzokkiri)

One September day in 2013 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected the construction site of the Munsu Water Park once again.

Looking round different places he acquainted himself with the progress of the project.

Then he suddenly stopped on a spot, and said that a sunshade should be installed there.

While looking up at the skylight-type ceiling of the indoor swimming pool he said it might be very hot there in summer, which even officials concerned had failed to think of.

Then he told them to install a blind so that people could have a break beneath it after playing in the water.

munsu water park in august 2018

Munsu Water Park, August 2018. (Photo KCNA)

Besides, he examined as many as 113 detailed plans for the completion of the water park, and at the dead of one night he carried a large-sized clock in his car to the park to be hung on a wall of an indoor swimming pool.

Numerous are such episodes of his warm care for the people, which are told and retold.


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