Impeccable Even in Distant Future

kim jong un february 2014

Kim Jong Un visiting the construction site of a fishing station, February 2014. (File Photo Uriminzokkiri)

One day in February 2014 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of a fishing station.

After acquainting himself with the progress of the project in detail for a long time he said that he felt as if he was just seeing a modern fishing station built up there and that schools of fish seemed to be waiting for them.

How worthwhile it is for us to work to provide the beloved people and children with fish, he exclaimed and said that merely the thought of it filled his heart with satisfaction.

It was the Party's firm determination to build the fishing station as a model and standard one in the country, he added.

fish farm

A fish farm in the DPRK. (Photo Uriminzokkiri)

Then he said repeatedly that the soldier-builders should be well aware that they were building a structure to be remembered by the country and posterity for ever, and build the fishing station as a masterpiece of the era of the Workers' Party to be impeccable even in the distant future with the attitude that they would take responsibility for its safety and guarantee its absolute quality for all eternity.


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