Daily Necessities to People's Liking

kim jong un, september 2015

Kim Jong Un looking around daily necessities show, September 2015. (Uriminzokkiri Photo)

One day in September 2015 a daily necessities show sponsored by a sector was held.

On display in the show were plastic and metal products, household electrical appliances, toys, hard porcelain dishes, furniture and other daily necessities from different factories and enterprises in the sector.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked around the show.

He examined in detail the shapes and quality of the exhibits and asked the officials if the people liked them, his face beaming with satisfaction.

He said that the officials in the sector should regard the matter of producing more quality daily necessities as the one of implementing the lifetime instructions of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, the one of defending the things of Korean make and the one of giving fuller play to the advantage of the Korean-style socialist system, and that they should consistently push ahead with the undertaking as an important political matter.

daly necessities

(Urminzokkiri Photo)

A million or ten million products that the people take a dislike to are useless, and that even a single product should be made to the people's liking and satisfaction—from this point of view Kim Jong Un saw the products on display.

Noting that they should sensitively understand the people's requirement in order to make daily necessities to their liking he clarified the matters to be adhered to in the production of such goods, for example, the one of improving their quality, the one of packing them well, the one of the officials' having a correct viewpoint on the goods, and the one of ensuring the smooth supply of materials.


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