Goshawk, National Symbol of DPRK


Goshawk. (File Photo)

Goshawk is the national bird of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Belonging to the eagle family of the stork and heron order, the goshawk is a non-migratory bird which propagates and winters in Korea. It lays eggs between late April and early May.

The bird is not so big. but it has a sharp beak, strong claws, high agility, clever and decisive character, a well-proportioned form and bright eyes.

As it resembles the wise and strong nature of the Korean nation, the local people are very fond of it.

From of old the Koreans tamed the goshawk to use it for hunting pheasants, hares and other wild animals. To tame the bird they brought a young from the nest to their home and fed it while giving it training for hunting. This kind of goshawk was called sujini, while the wild one in the mountains was called sanjini.

The goshawk propagates in Ryanggang Province including the Mt Paektu area, Jagang Province, Pujon County in South Hamgyong Province and other highland regions, and spreads as far as to south of the central Korea in winter.

In April Juche 97(2008) Chairman Kim Jong Il designated agile and brave goshawk as the national bird of the DPRK.

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