Sinsollo, Best Korean Dish

sinsollo best korean dish

"Mountain hermit dish" in modernized form and content. (Uriminzokkiri Photo)

Lots of dishes were named after their materials. But a dish is named after its vessel. It is Sinsollo.

Originally it was the name of a unique vessel for boiling food. Then it gradually changed into the name of the food boiled in the vessel.

The dish has the following history. During the period of feudal Joson dynasty Jong Hui Ryang lived a retired life alone in a deep mountain. He made a brazier of a singular shape and carried it by his side to cook in it wild animals he caught or wild vegetables he picked.

At that time people likened him to a spirit (sinson in Korean), and called the brazier sinsollo in the meaning that it was the one used by the spirit-like elderly man.

The dish ranks top among Korean national dishes in view of the kind of materials and seasonings.

Its materials number scores of kinds including meat, fish, edible herbs, vegetables and fruits. And it contains in rational proportions nutritive substances such as protein, oil, vitamin, mineral matter and carbohydrate.

The method of cooking the dish is also unique. Different materials are processed separately, and they are boiled together in the brazier.

Perhaps this is why it tastes very good. And the arrangement and shapes of its foodstuffs are so graceful and palatable that it is almost enough to produce all the true tastes of Korean dishes as if all sorts of delicacies are gathered in one vessel. 

The dish is also called yolgujathang because it looks so appetizing that one opens one's mouth before one knows.

It is regarded as the best of Korean dishes for its various materials and unique vessel, the artistic arrangement of the palatable materials and its refreshingness and warmness.

It is known as a typical Korean dish along with Pyongyang Cold Noodle and kimchi. Chongnyu Restaurant and other restaurants serve the dish.

It is registered as national intangible cultural heritage.


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