Vicious Aim behind History Distortion


Korean Wrath
On March 30, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan made public the screening results on history textbooks to be used at high schools of Japan from 2022.

The approved history textbooks are full of misinformation distorting, beautifying and justifying Japan's history of aggression, just like the past ones.

The textbooks deleted or gave obscure account of crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists during the past wars of aggression and colonial rules, and mentioned Japan's "dominium over Tok Island".

In addition, the textbooks termed the continental aggression by the Japanese imperialists an "advance" which brought about "civilization" and "prosperity".

Lurking behind the Japanese reactionaries' such persistent and shameless distortion of history is their vicious intention to realize the old dream about the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by instilling the militaristic spirit into their offspring through education in the wrong history.

As exposed, the Japanese reactionaries have left no stone unturned to make overseas aggression come true after setting it as the core of their external military strategy and one of the important policies.

They are attaching much weight to the instilment of militaristic idea of aggression through the retrogressive revision of history textbooks.

They have consistently attempted to distort history by changing the standards of screening textbooks and "teaching manuals" as they please since they revised the basic law on education.

All of Japan's provocative moves, including moves to seize other's territory and visits to "Yasukuni Shrine", which arouse concern and vigilance among Asian countries, are aimed at getting a footing for overseas invasion by reviving a militaristic view of history.

At present, the Japanese reactionaries are hell-bent on enhancing the fighting capacity of the "Self-Defense Forces" after rounding off the legal and institutional conditions for it to launch overseas advance and military operations.

It is a fait accompli that Japan can trigger another war in Asia as it runs amuck to build itself into a military giant and dashes towards overseas expansion.

All these facts clearly show that the moves of the Japanese militaristic forces to distort their history of aggression and deny their past are part of the militaristic moves of aggression aimed at running the show in Asia, and warn against Japan's increasingly undisguised moves for militarism.


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