On Housing Construction in Pyongyang City

new downtown pyongyang

New downtown of Pyongyang City in the future. (KCNA Photo)

By Han Un Il

Rodong Sinmun

Steadfast is the determination and will of our Party to solve the housing problem in the capital city and decisively improve the people's material and cultural life by constructing modern houses in Pyongyang City.

The housing construction in the capital city is a manifestation of our Party's fixed will to achieve substantial results waited for and welcomed by the people and the embodiment of the popular policy of our Party to turn all state wealth and fruits of the creative labor of the working masses into their benefits.

To our Party, nothing is more important than to improve the people's material and cultural life.

It is the consistent stand of our Party to give top priority to the people's demand and interests when adopting any line and policy and to plan and carry out any work on the principle of promoting the welfare of the people as much as possible.

To resolve the housing problem is the most important task for the Party and the government serving the people that should not be neglected or disregarded even a moment.

The magnificent high-rise apartment buildings and modern dwelling houses, which were built as befitting the national sentiments and aesthetic sense of our people, clearly prove the greatness of our Party's politics based on the people-first principle to provide the people with more stable and civilized living conditions.

Our Party remains unchanged in its policy to fully satisfy the ever-growing public demand for a better cultural life by building new fashionable streets and villages and edifices one after another without resting on its laurels. 

(Abridged by KCNA)

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