More Youths Volunteer for Laborious Jobs

dprk youth volunteers for laborous jobs

Pyongyang youth volunteers leaving for their posts. (DPRK Today Photo)

30-odd youths in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, recently volunteered for laborious jobs at coal mines and farms.

Kang Jin Hyok, a worker at the Central District Combined Tailor Shop, and other young people made up their minds to live in Samjiyon City, expressing their will to spruce up the city as befitting a sacred place of the Juche revolution.

Song Kum Yong, a children's union instructor at Singan Senior Middle School of Hyongjesan District, and many others volunteered to work at different co-op farms in the countryside.

The young people, who volunteered to work at the Kangdong Area Coal-mining Complex, the Komdok Mining Complex and the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, vowed to devote all their wisdom and zeal to the implementation of the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress by following the noble spirit of their former generations.

Young people in Pyongyang City had a meeting in the hall of the city youth league committee on April 2 to congratulate the volunteers.

The young volunteers were warmly seen off by officials, youths and working people in the city.


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