Bringing up Talents Is Important Task

sci-tech Complex in pyongyang

The Sci-Tech Complex on the Ssuk Island in Pyongyang. (File Photo)

By Kim Chol Ryong

Rodong Sinmun

It is an important task set forth at the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea to bring up scientific and technical talents, administrative officials and Party officials who are capable of shouldering upon parts of the country in the future in all fields and units during the period of new five-year plan.

Training talents is an essential work to shore up the overall economy of the country, put it on a normal footing and an important work to make a sustained and long-term development of the national economy.

Today when everything hinges on talents, the strengthening of the national power and the development of economy and culture depend on who brings up and puts to use more talents more quickly.

The science and technology competition, the national power competition now fiercely underway among countries can be called a brain war, a war for winning talents.

Neglect of the work for bringing up talents with no importance given to them would lead a country to ruin, much less hindering its development.

In order to bring about a substantial change in the work of the Party, the state, the economy and people's living, a change must be brought about in bringing up talents.

It is the intention of our Party to make a detailed survey of all talents in all fields, regions and units during the period of the new five-year plan, rely on them and bring up a contingent of new-type revolutionary talents, creation-type talents on a long-term basis to open up a wide avenue to progress and prosperity.

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