Kim Jong Un Era of Our State-first Principle

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By Rodong Sinmun

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is a peerless patriot who ushered in an era of our state-first principle.

The era of our state-first principle is a glorious era, unprecedented in the history of the Korean nation spanning half a century, brought about by Kim Jong Un, a peerlessly great man, peerless patriot and great father of the people.

The era of our state-first principle is also an era of new development and a new era of self-esteem and prosperity, and a great era when the harmonious whole of the Party and the people grows stronger, thanks to the people-first politics.

It is, at the same time, an era of great changes when the Korean people accelerate the radical advance in the socialist construction by increasing their own power to the maximum, and an era when they demonstrate to the whole world the dignity and might of their Republic with recourse to the victory they achieved by securing matchlessly powerful national defence capabilities.

The era of our state-first principle is the brilliant fruition of the outstanding idea and leadership of Kim Jong Un , general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, and his warm love for the people.

He represents the might of our state and the destiny and future of all the Korean people.

All his thoughts and practice are oriented to turning our Republic into a prosperous country and providing its people with the happiest life in the world. He has successfully led the Korean revolution with his total dedication, sustaining all sorts of hardship as a leader and human being.

Today's era is called the era of our state-first principle. This is because it is the great era to which the leadership of the respected General Secretary is applied comprehensively.

Our people are now called the people of a powerful nation. This is because they are the fighters who are struggling with the idea, courage and guts of Kim Jong Un.

The exploits of the General Secretary who ushered in an era of fresh development and prosperity, an era of our state-first principle, by dedicating himself to the country and the people will be etched in the history of the country forever.

(Abridged by KCNA)

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