PT Laments for Human Rights in UK and Australia

Western countries not in a position to point fingers at others in human rights issue

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Some Western countries, as if they are advanced in the field of human rights, recently analysed the human rights situation of each country to give it mark and rankings and brand those standing last as "human rights desert".

But is the human rights situation of such faultfinders so advanced to be modelled on by all other nations of the world?

Human rights practice in UK seen through execution of police's duties

A British newspaper recently released police information. According to it, 85 000 women are raped annually in England and Wales and 400 000 are subjected to sexual assaults, but the rate of prosecution against suspects is only about 2.6 percent.

Another terrible incident occurred in the country, testifying to the embarrassing human rights situation of women.

On March 3, a woman named Sarah Everard went missing. Some days later a policeman in charge of guarding the diplomatic corps was arrested on suspicion of abduction and homicide of the 33-year-old woman. It was followed by a women's demonstration in a London park on the evening of March 13 in demand of eradication of men's sexual assaults against women. The demo assumed a peaceful character in the form of memorial service for attracting attention to sexual violence against women.

That evening, however, the police clamped down on them and took them away in handcuffs. This greatly enraged the public and the demo grew in scale, extending to the open spaces in front of government and parliament buildings.

Some British people including politicians denounced the police, but such media as BBC and other organizations shielded the policemen, claiming that they tried to maintain public order and that the mourners should not have held such a meeting by complying with the restrictive measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

No one knows since when Britons and their media have been concerned about social distancing and other restrictive measures related to the pandemic, but their arguments are nothing more than an excuse to cover up the police outrage.

After all, the peaceful remembrance meeting organized against anti-woman violence was terminated by police violence against more women.

The world seems to be distorted to a warped mind. Some Brits including politicians and journalists need to reflect on their country's human rights record including women's human rights issue, before talking about the human rights situation of other countries under the eyes of the world.

Australian human rights situation draws attention of international community

The political circles of the country have been thrown into confusion following a series of revelations of sexual violence by victims. Most recently, Brittany Higgins, who had worked in the Australian military, asserted she was sexually assaulted by her colleague in the defence minister's office two years ago.

According to information published by the Ministry of the Interior of the country on March 18, fraud and swindling increased by 70 percent in society in 2020 as compared to the previous year and 43 murder cases with 54 victims were reported.

Of them, 70 percent occurred between assaulters and victims who were familiar with each other, and family violence increased by 13 percent after the lockdown measure was taken against COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the international community has been vocal against the violation of the rights of aborigines in the country.

Muddy spring will have muddy streams. As such abuse is commonly practised in the country, the Australian troops stationed overseas are brutally killing Afghan prisoners and residents as they infringe foreigners' human rights, although an overseas detention camp for immigrants was set up.

As to this, many countries including China, Russia, Belarus and Egypt on March 12 called on the UN Human Rights Council to launch an extensive and fair investigation into the crimes committed by the Australian troops.

As the facts tell, such Western countries as the UK and Australia are not qualified to instruct other nations over human rights or impudently trample on humanitarianism itself.

Those that like to talk about human rights should refrain from getting into confrontation over the basic rights, abandoning the evil intention to use the issue as a tool for interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

(Pyongyang Times)

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