Russia Embarks on Arctic Expedition


Nuclear submarine of the Russian Navy during exercises as part of the integrated Arctic expedition of the Navy and the Russian Geographical Society "Umka-21". For the first time in the history of the Navy in the Arctic, three nuclear submarines surfaced from under the ice. Freeze frame from video provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense. (Photo and Caption RF MOD)

On March 20, the Russian navy embarked on a comprehensive Arctic expedition under the command of its general headquarters.

The expedition involved more than 600 personnel and nearly 200 pieces of weaponry and special technical equipment.

Three nuclear-powered submarines surfaced by simultaneously breaking ice in the local area of 300-metre radius for the first time in the history of the Russian navy within the scope of Arctic expedition, while the two Mig-31 fighter jets made in-flight refuelling in the sky above the Arctic.

The expedition is unprecedented not only in the period of the former Soviet Union but also in the modern history of the Russian Federation, President Putin said on March 26, adding that the Russian navy demonstrated its action capacity even in the severe environment of the Arctic region through it.

(Pyongyang Times based on KCNA)

The Russian Arctic expedition "Umka-2021" by Sputnik in Russian


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