Efficacy of Honeyed Water

Honeyed Water

Image shows "Bumble Bee Milk Honey" into water. (Uriminzokkiri Photo)

Honey mixed with cold water is very good for health. When you put a tea-spoonful of honey into a glass of cold water, you can get a 30-percent solution of honey, which is nearly similar to blood plasma in composition. The solution is absorbed into the body rapidly and completely.

If you drink honeyed water, you can get rid of a chronic cold in the nose and bronchitis.

It also helps treat intestinal obstruction and normalize the function of the large intestine.

For the purpose of prophylactic treatment, you had better drink a glass of honeyed water on an empty stomach in the morning. And you should drink it at a breath. Only then can it be better and faster absorbed through the stomach and intestines into the blood.

When you rub your face with honeyed water, it makes the skin smooth and soft.


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