New Pyongyang Blueprints Completed

New Pyongyang

New downtown of Pyongyang in the future. (KCNA Photo)

Designing officials and designers have completed the basic blueprints of the 10 000 flats to be built in Pyongyang.

Officials and designers of the Pyongyang City Plan Designing Institute in charge of the leading process conducted a field survey responsibly and completed the master plan at the earliest date.

Officials and designers selected from different designing units rounded off the drawing of huge basic designs in a short period by waging a day-and-night campaign right after receiving the layouts of streets.

Designers of the Paektusan Institute of Architecture and others have finished the basic designs of one hundred and tens of structures including apartment houses and public buildings.

Designers of the Pyongyang Greening Design Institute are working hard to design peculiar green belts of our own style, according to the scale of streets and topographical features.

Meanwhile, design examiners are displaying their intense loyalty toward the Party, revolutionary spirit and popular spirit in their examination of designs to responsibly ensure the quality of all designs, discussing technical issues together at the construction sites.

Designing officials and designers are pushing ahead with the designing of the framework.


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