Kim Jong Un Receives Reply Message from Syrian President

Flags of WPK and DPRK

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, received a reply message from Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab Republic, on March 18.

The Syrian president in the message expressed his deep thanks to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for sending congratulations to him on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the March 8 Revolution in Syria and wished the friendly DPRK progress and prosperity.

He said that he will work together with Kim Jong Un to further strengthen bilateral relations and mutual cooperation in the interests of the friendly peoples of the two countries.

Paying the sincerest tribute to Kim Jong Un, the message wished him good health and happiness all the time.


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