Ardent Patriotism of Scientists and Technicians

DPRK Poster Sci-tech

DPRK poster reads, "Let us carry out the national economic plan for this year without fail!" letting science and technology lead the five-year plan.

By So Song Bom

Rodong Sinmun

Scientists and technicians should exert more efforts on scientific research with ardent patriotism in order to steer the development of the national economy by dint of science and technology in the on-going dynamic all-people drive.

To find pleasure in contributing to the prosperity of the country with sci-tech successes and fruition of scientific research and adding vigor to it is great pride and honor peculiar to our scientists and technicians.

They cannot carry on the long journey of scientific research to the end without patriotism.

The scientists and technicians who recorded remarkable successes in the history of building a prosperous country were the patriots with warm love for the country and people.

The real value of patriotism is clearly proved in difficulties.

There are many faithful patriots among our scientists and technicians who devote themselves with pure conscience to the scientific research for the economic development of the country and improvement of the people's living standard in the face of hardship.

Fervent patriotism is displayed in producing sci-tech successes conducive to the prosperity of the country.

It is high time for the scientists and technicians to positively contribute to bringing earlier a new victory of socialist construction with tangible results, creative wisdom and devotion.

When our scientists and technicians devote their all efforts, wisdom and ardor to scientific research like the former generations who upheld the Party, the revolution and the country with sci-tech successes in the face of insufficient supply and difficulties, our advance toward a new victory will be further accelerated.

(Abridged by KCNA - March 21, 2021)

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