Let's Make Big Strides

DPRK poster
A DPRK poster reads, "Let Us Concentrate All Our Efforts on Implementing the Five-year Plan for National Economic Development!"

By Hong Jin Hyok

Rodong Sinmun

All officials should take a big stride in the revolutionary march for bringing about a new victory in all fields of socialist construction, true to the grand programme set forth at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

To make uninterrupted innovations and successive offensive toward a new victory without any standstill or stagnation, not being content with the successes already achieved, is the course of revolutionary struggle and a mode of activities peculiar to a revolutionary.

Deep political insight, meticulous organizing ability, strong desire to work, progressive drive and strenuous practice can be found among those who strive hard with confidence in their jobs, courage and indomitable fighting spirit.

We harden our confidence that the road indicated by the Party is the road of victory and glory through the struggle for doing every work, true to the Party's idea and policies, and devotedly carrying out the tasks assigned by the Party after accepting the Party's line and policies as the absolute truth.

In the on-going all-people grand march for bringing about vivid progress and development in the socialist construction by increasing our own strength, our internal driving force in every way, those strong in idea and faith are just the staunch fighters with the spirit of self-reliance and self-development, who are weathering all sorts of ordeals by themselves out of a death-defying will to constantly increase their own strength and making new innovations and steady progress by relying on their own potentiality.

The secret of overcoming difficulties and the methodology of creating miracles belong only to the one with an unshakable maxim that there is nothing impossible to do when giving full play to the people's inexhaustible mental power and creativity.

(KCNA - March 19, 2021)

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