Bud and Flower

Kim Jong Il and Children

One day in October 1968 Chairman Kim Jong Il, who was on a tour of field guidance in the then Anju County, South Phyongan Province, visited a nursery attached to a workteam of the Ryonghung Cooperative Farm.

The nursery was silent as children were having a nap. Officials hurried to usher him in. Checking them gently, he cast a pleasant look at the children through the open window. A benevolent smile settled in his face. Now the officials knew that he was keeping silence lest he should wake the children. They stepped back from the window quietly.

Looking carefully around the nursery, he said that since the nursery was situated by the road, it might be dusty and the children might wake due to the noise of automobiles and even get injured. He stressed that they should avoid building nurseries and kindergartens on the roadside.

Then Kim Jong Il asked how many toys the nursery had. Hearing that there were not enough toys he was so sorry. He said that there should be varieties of toys for development of children's growth and intelligence. He said he could not understand why they did not prepare toys when they were easy to make. It was because officials lacked a proper attitude towards the nurseries and kindergartens, he noted. He continued to say that they should take good care of intellectual development of the children, that nurseries should establish a teaching room to tell the children about the revolutionary family and childhood of President Kim Il Sung, and that they had better set up in nurseries and kindergartens a relief map of the President's birthplace at Mangyongdae.

It was high time for lunch. But the leader was reluctant to leave the nursery, concerned about the nursing and upbringing of the children. After a while of strolling in the yard he looked carefully at the lovely children in good sleep. At the moment a plump, pretty child wore a smile showing a dimple on his cheek—perhaps he was having a dream. The leader smiled as if he let himself fall into the children's world.

After a good while of watching the happy children he said to the officials that they should rear the children well who were the revolutionary reserve, and that just as a big bud makes a big and beautiful flower, the bright future depends on how the children are brought up from the time of nursery.

(Uriminzokkiri - March 17, 2021)

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