Forest and Water Conservation Brisk in DPRK

Forest conservation efforts in North Hwanggae Province

Forest conservation efforts in North Hwanggae Province. (Photo DPRK Today)

A work has been conducted in the DPRK to improve the forest and water conservation.

The Ministry of Land and Environment Protection made this year's plan for the forest and water conservation and is now carrying it into practice.

In touch with the headquarters of the forest restoration campaign at all levels, the ministry has organized such works as planting trees in vast areas, ensuring the rooting rate at over 90 percent and creating tens of thousands of hectares of wild fruit forest.

Steps are taken to establish a more ramified forest-fire observation system and analyze and estimate the outbreak of harmful insects in time through introduction of IT successes.

And detailed stepwise goals were set to finish such works as anti-landslide projects in areas with risk of flood damage, dredging, embankment and stone-covering by intensively mobilizing labor force and equipment in the spring and autumn periods of the general mobilization for land administration.

Various projects are launched to move houses and public and industrial buildings in the east coastline to other places, build and reinforce the coastal protection facilities and prevent or minimize natural disasters beforehand.

Meanwhile, the ministry has worked out a long-term plan for pushing forward the forest and water conservation in a unified way and persistently on the basis of scientific calculation.

(KCNA - March 15, 2021)

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