Establishment of Socialist Lifestyle

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DPRK poster "All out for the Implementation of the Decisions by the 8th Party Congress!" carrying mottos "The People Are God", "Single-minded Unity" and "Self-Reliance"

By So Song Bom

Rodong Sinmun

To establish the socialist lifestyle is an essential and important work for training all the people to be genuine human beings with noble mental and moral traits, dynamically accelerating the economic construction and firmly defending and glorifying Korean-style socialism.

This work is just an acute political and class struggle decisive of the victorious advance of the revolution and construction.

The establishment of a revolutionary and sound way of life means the social progress and the steady advance of our revolution.

It is very important to cement our own driving force in every way in order to undauntedly go through a rough path of revolution and struggle that one cannot go with common resolution.

Establishing the socialist lifestyle is a work for ourselves and our families and rising generation and, accordingly, it is a responsible work that we should undertake and do without fail.

A vigorous mass struggle should be waged throughout the society to prevent the infiltration of bourgeois lifestyle.

An urgent demand in thoroughly establishing the socialist lifestyle is to create and develop the noble and beautiful culture of our own style.

When all sectors and units create our own ideological and moral wealth and material and cultural wealth in a larger quantity, people will voluntarily turn their backs to others' things and our ideological and cultural position will be further consolidated.

(Abridged by KCNA - March 14, 2021)

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