DPRK Promotes Farm Mechanization

The Haeju Farm Machine Factory

At the Haeju Farm Machine Factory.

A work for increasing the proportion of mechanization in the farm work is being promoted in the field of agriculture of the DPRK.

With the idea and spirit of the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea kept in their mind, officials and working people in the agricultural sector have repaired and kept in good condition tens of thousands of tractors and produced different kinds of farm machine accessories this year.

The repair and maintenance of tractors are being promoted in the final stage.

North Hwanghae Province fulfilled the plan for repairing and maintaining the tractors before others and South Hwanghae Province carried out the repair and maintenance over 20 days ahead of schedule.

Kaesong City, too, finished the repair and maintenance of tractors in time and such work is going at the final stage in Pyongyang and Nampho cities and other areas.

The production of farm machines and tractor accessories is being stepped up.

The Haeju Farm Machine Factory has accelerated the production of farm machines like small rice harvester and mobile combined rice thresher and the Kangso Sprayer Factory is producing over twice as many knapsack-style sprayers as before.

The Kangso Sprayer Factory

At the Kangso Sprayer Factory.

The Haeju Tractor Accessory Parts Factory has daily carried out its plan for production of main body of engine, crankshaft, various species of gears and others at over 130 percent.

Other similar factories, too, are registering successes in the production by actively introducing the rational methods for reducing the processing time of farm machines and tractor accessories. 

(KCNA - March 13, 2021)

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