Rhododendron Blooming in Snow

(1) Rhododendron Blooming in Snow

Rhododendron blooming in snow is one of the eight famous scenes on Mt Paektu of the DPRK, known as the holy mountain of revolution.

Rhododendron, which adds beauty to this mysterious mountain, has aroused an interest of visitors as it blooms under the severe natural conditions of northern highlands.

(2) Rhododendron Blooming in Snow

The sap of Rhododendron rises from mid-February and it comes into bud and bloom from March. Its cylindrical leaves are always green irrespective of season.

The DPRK people call the plant Manbyongcho in Korean as it is efficacious for the treatment of all diseases.

(3) Rhododendron Blooming in Snow

Chairman Kim Jong Il said that Rhododendron is more beautiful as it blooms in snow and it reflects the strong stamina of the Korean people.

(KCNA - March 12, 2021)

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