Kumdanghwa has long been known as a valuable plant which has nothing to discard from flowers to fruits, leaves, stems and roots. The flower contains medicinal materials such as flavone, natural vegetable estrogen and vitamins C and E, many microelements like calcium, magnesium and selenium, and different essential amino acids.

So it strongly acts as a febrifuge, an antidote and anticancer and anti-inflammatory agents, an antioxidant, an adjuvant, an accelerator of blood circulation in the brain and heart and an anti-aging agent. And it helps remove or reduce climacteric disorders of middle-aged and old women.

The fruit helps strengthen the spleen and the stomach and intestines and promotes granulation.

The flower, leaf, stem and root of Kumdanghwa are good additives in making noodles, wheat vermicelli and bread. The oil extracted from the fruits is edible and can be used as an additive for high-quality lubricant and cosmetics.

With big flowers of beautiful colour Kumdanghwa can be planted along streets and in villages and the compounds of institutions and industrial establishments for ornament.

The plant is cultivated in several regions of Korea including Hyangsan County of North Phyongan Province and South Phyongan Province.

(Uriminzokkiri - March 11, 2021)

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