Sangmochum, Korean Traditional Dance

Sangmochum by Phibada Opera Troupe

Among the Korean nation's folk dances is a dance turning round decorative tassels which belongs to the peasant dances.

This dance can be classified according to the kinds of decorative tassels on a cap.

The dance, mainly performed by several persons, shows the well-organized symmetry of rhythmic movements.

Today, its form is more diversified.

Typical is the folk dance Sangmochum (dance turning round decorative tassels) created by the Phibada Opera Troupe of the DPRK in Juche 100 (2011).

The dance, performed through a combination of traditional technique and peculiar movements to the tune of orchestra "A Bumper Harvest in the Chongsan Plain", gives deep interest to the audience.

The dance was introduced into the representation of peasant dance for the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance "Arirang", a winner of Kim Il Sung Prize, and highly acclaimed at world festivals.

(KCNA - March 5, 2021)

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