Ardent Yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il's start of work at CC, WPK on June 19, 1964

Chairman Kim Jong Il started work at CC, WPK on June 19, 1964. (Rodong Sinmun Photo)

Undying Exploits Performed for Victorious Advance of Socialist Cause

By Ri Hak Nam

The people of the DPRK as well as the progressive peoples of the world yearn for Chairman Kim Jong Il more ardently than ever despite the passage of time.

This is because they do him sublime reverence for devoting his all to the victorious advance of the socialist cause.

He did all he could for the cause of socialism and scored tremendous epochal achievements in it.

The late-20th century and the first decade of the 21st century witnessed great worldwide political upheavals unprecedented in human history and the fiercest struggle between progress and reaction and between socialism and imperialism. In those decades he wisely led the struggle for socialism with scientific insight and uncommon wisdom holding the helm of history firmly.

Kim Jong Il is an illustrious leader who positively proved the truth and superiority of socialism on a theoretical and practical basis and put its cause on the path of independence at a time when the world socialist movement was suffering serious setbacks.

He shouldered the historic mission of rescuing the destiny of socialism from constant threat and published immortal works like “Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable” and “Socialism Is a Science”, thus ensuring that the cause of socialism was advanced dynamically under the banner of Juche. The immortal works exposed the groundlessness and reactionary nature of all manner of slanders and calumnies on the part of the reactionaries of history and clarified the scientific accuracy and truth of socialism and the inevitability of its victory. They dealt a heavy blow to the enemies who slung mud at socialism and served as a banner of the struggle for the independence of the progressive peoples and the revival of socialism.

Toward the end of last century the socialism of our style was clearly proved to be the most advantageous in the world.

Kim Jong Il successfully led the struggle to defend and build socialism under the worst condition and circumstances and thereby proved in practice that the cause of the independence of the popular masses was justified, that socialism was a science and that socialism would surely emerge victorious without fail.

Thanks to his great theory of socialist construction, our people could successfully overcome their arduous march and successive forced march despite their enormous difficulties and fully exert themselves to develop theirs into a powerful socialist country.

Since imperialists and all sorts of reactionary forces joined hands with each other to hinder socialism in its progress and challenge it Kim Jong Il regarded it as an important requirement for the successful accomplishment of the socialist cause to strengthen the international unity and solidarity of revolutionary parties and energetically led the struggle to achieve it.

The Pyongyang Declaration on defending and advancing the cause of socialism was adopted in 1992. It provided a program for the struggle of revolutionary parties in the world.

The Pyongyang Declaration delivered a telling blow to the anti-socialist maneuvers of imperialists and revved up the struggle of revolutionary peoples for the rebuilding of socialism further.

Our Party has been a dignified revolutionary party of Juche which leads the cause of socialism. The cause advances victoriously along its path, surmounting its hardship and trials.

Kim Jong Il is an illustrious commander of extraordinary caliber who firmly defended the peace and security of northeast Asia and the rest of the world and the cause of socialism with his outstanding Songun-based revolutionary leadership.

Our revolution was confronted with the greatest difficulties ever during the arduous march because the imperialist allied forces ran amok to stifle the DPRK and did their utmost to impede our revolution in its victorious march forward and obliterate our socialism.

The imperialists concentrated all their attack on our country. Its people were forced to stand at the crossroads of life and death because they had to choose between coming off victors as the independent people and guards and being reduced to the colonial slaves of imperialists again.

The whole world watched the Korean peninsula with concern. Kim Jong Il held the banner of Songun high without the slightest vacillation and roused all the people to righteous action to defend the country and socialism.

With implicit faith that the destiny of the country and the nation depended on the arms of the revolution he strengthened and developed our armed forces into invincible ones further and moved our defence capabilities on to a new footing.

He led our revolution to victory with confidence, resolutely overpowering imperialists and crushing their outrageous pressure and challenges by most toughly countering their knives with our swords and their guns with our cannon.

United single-mindedly around Kim Jong Il in their fierce confrontation with imperialists our people brought their arduous march and successive forced march to a victorious conclusion and honorably defended their national security and sovereignty as well as their socialism.

Our country contributed a great deal to defending the peace and security of northeast Asia and the rest of the world with its unbreakable political and military power.

Thanks entirely to Kim Jong Il, our country solidly defended its socialism and ensured global peace and security despite the unparalleledly intensive machinations of imperialists and other reactionary forces of all hues against it.

But for his exceptional wisdom, prominent leadership and iron will, the cause of socialism would not have been able to withstand the overlapping challenges of history and incessant political storms or blaze the way to its development with success.

He is highly praised by all the people for rendering great services of world-historic significance to the times and history.

His undying exploits are splendidly carried forward by Comrade Kim Jong Un at the head of our revolution.

Kim Jong Un has mapped out a great plan to develop the cause of socialism further true to Kim Jong Il’s intentions and fully applies himself to carrying it out.

Eternal luster will be added by Kim Jong Un to the undying exploits of Kim Jong Il and the cause of socialism will be advanced by him dynamically without cease.

(Rodong Sinmun - March 1, 2021)

* Full translation from the Korean text Rodong Sinmun carried on February 10, 2021

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