Japan's Plan Will Cause Arms Race in Northeast Asia


At the end of last year, the Japanese government passed a new document related to missile defence at a Cabinet meeting.

According to it, it is to newly build two Aegis-class warships in place of the introduction of the US' ground-based missile defence system Aegis Ashore, which was abandoned in June last year, and to develop "missile beyond the range of interception" capable of mounting an attack on the enemy out of its firing range by prolonging the range of surface-to-ship missile possessed by the Ground Self-Defence Force.

According to military strategists, the best defence means the best attack.

A Japanese opposition party member expressed concern over the fact that if his country is possessed of the above-mentioned capacity, it will run counter to the pacifist constitution and "exclusive defence" policy of Japan.

A senior fellow of the Japanese Institute of International Studies said that the extension of range of surface-to-ship missiles with 200 km to hundreds of kilometres more will be able to cover the island under the territorial dispute with China.

When Japan's plan is realized, neighbouring countries will fall within the substantial striking range of the SDF.

Not long ago, Japan embarked on an examination work for loading two new-type Aegis-class warships with long-range cruise missile capable of mounting an attack on the enemy from outside the firing range of missile.

A Western magazine said that though the Japanese Maritime SDF is small in size, it has gradual resemblance to the navy of the past Japanese Empire.

At present, about 154 warships and 346 fighter jets are operative in the Maritime SDF and the number of Japan's warships was placed fourth at the point of the year 2000.

Considering that the missiles Japan is developing at a fast rate will be mounted on fighters, the scope of its practical strike will be increased and the aerial combat efficiency of Japan, which is on a headlong rush to possessing the largest 5G stealth fighter in the world, is a military entity that cannot be neglected.

No matter how hard Japan resorts to every means to avoid the world's scrutiny under the signboard of "effective deterrent upbuilding" and "positive self-defence capacity", the wicked aggressive intention behind it can never be covered up.

Obviously, the missile defence programme is an extremely dangerous military move to put its neighbouring countries under its constant striking range by widening the SDF's striking capacity.

China's Global Times said to the following effect:

Such a change in Japan proves that the country is switching from the past passive posture to the direction of combining proactive attack and defence in a certain degree in missile defence. It is a matter of time that the posture will be converted into direct offensive in the future. This will cause an arms race in the Northeast Asian region and will affect the common understanding of the international community.

(Pyongyang Times - January 31, 2021)

* Original Headline: Risky bid most likely to give rise to arms race

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