Warm Care for Women Weavers

Textile Health Complex in Sinuiju City

Pang Jik Won (Textile Health Complex) providing accommodation for over 700 people stands on the bank of the Amnok River in the seat of North Phyongan Province.

In August 1969, President Kim Il Sung visited the Suphung branch plant of the Kusong Textile Mill to see how the workers, all of whom were women with families, were working there. A little while after he had left the plant, an official came running to the place and said that the President wanted to meet some weavers. When weavers arrived, he was engaged in conversation with officials. He welcomed the weavers and invited them to come nearer.

He asked one of them how long she had been working as a weaver, how much she got for a monthly pay, what her husband’s job was, how many members there were in her family, and where she lived. She answered she had been working in the plant since its inauguration and that her husband was working in a power station. Then she told him her family were living happily in a newly-built dwelling house. He lightly nodded his head in approval and then turned to the others, asking them kindly about how their families were faring.

Then he asked an official if there were any families living inconveniently in Suphung because of housing shortage. The official replied all families were living in newly-built good houses. Now the President asked a weaver what her family were eating along with rice. She replied she cooked various delicious dishes and soups with vegetables, and the President further inquired if her family got enough supply of provisions, had plenty of soybean paste, soy sauce and cooking oil and regularly ate eggs and meat.

He said the branch plant was operated entirely by housewives, who were working hard to overfulfil the production plan and that since it was a plant run by the wives of the workers of the power station, their trouble should be diminished.

He went on to inquire closely if their husbands working in the power station were served with meals in good time by their working wives, and if there were enough small wares like socks and soap at the variety shops.

Before leaving, the President told the officials to install dust-proof devices in the plant without delay not to cause the least injury to the women’s health, and kindly shook hands with the weavers.

(Uriminzokkiri - February 28, 2021)

Image: Naenara.

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