New Period of Upheaval Needs Versatile Officials

By Han Un Il

Rodong Sinmun

DPRK Poster

The on-going stirring situation calls upon officials, the leading personnel of the revolution, to be versatile men capable of carrying out any jobs.

Competent officials required by the present era are those who organize and carry out all jobs, as intended by the Party, with their deep political insight.

Only when officials grasp the Party's policies on their fields through study, can they do their jobs timely and dynamically, well aware of what the Party wants.

Able officials wanted by the present era are also those who carry out their revolutionary tasks perfectly with strong organizational and executive capabilities.

As there are many things insufficient and manifold difficulties, officials should always find themselves among the masses to learn in detail about the situations of their units. And on the basis of it, they should correctly set a primary and secondary tasks to be done in developing their units and concentrate all efforts on the main link while properly allocating manpower and assigning duties. Only then, they can make continuous progress in their units' work in any unfavorable situation.

The present era also needs the capable officials well versed in science and technology and their jobs.

Only when the officials study modern science and technology, can they solve any problems by dint of science and technology and accelerate the drive for increased production and creation.

All officials should work hard to enhance their ability and fulfill their responsibilities and duties as the leading personnel in today's struggle for implementing the decisions made at the 8th Party Congress. 

(KCNA - February 21, 2021)

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