Prestigious Embroidery Creative Group

Embroidery Creative Group of the Mansudae Art Studio

The Mansudae Art Studio of the DPRK is a comprehensive fine art creation base well known to the world. It has an embroidery creative group made up of women only.

Over the past 40-odd years since its formation, the group has created lots of masterpieces, greatly contributing to the development of the country's embroidery.

Among them are embroideries "Stamina of DPRK", "Pine and Goshawk", "Sobaeksu in Spring" and "Yangdok Hot Spring in Spring" which are strong in national peculiarities.

In particular, large embroidery pieces "Sea of Flowers Carrying Best Wishes" and "Autumn-tinted Mt Chilbo", a double-faced embroidery piece "Eight Fairies of Mt Kumgang" and other embroidery pieces "Wild Geese in Moonlight", "Carp" and "Tiger" are popular among the people.

(Uriminzokkiri - February 19, 2021)

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