Japan's Hackneyed Gibberish about "Threat" from DPRK


Korean resentment against Japanese reactionaries

Japan has raised a hackneyed story about "threat" again.

While opening to the press the drill of deploying Patriot interceptor missiles staged by the air "Self-Defense Force" (SDF) at a base of the ground SDF in Aichi Prefecture days ago, it termed the drill an "effort to cope with north Korea's launch of ballistic missiles and other situations."

Not content with launching reckless military moves from the beginning of this year, only to incur vigilance and concern of regional countries, Japan dared pull up the DPRK, talking rubbish about "threat" from it. This merits serious attention.

The SDF's warmongers are getting frantic in risky military acts, while hyping up a story about "threat from north Korea."

Lurking behind it is their vicious intention to justify the moves to turn Japan into a military giant and realize the old dream for the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by inciting the idea of confrontation with the DPRK throughout Japanese society.

Japanese politicians are now displeased with the public mindset remaining opposed to their wild ambition for building a military power.

For this reason, they seek to create a favorable situation for materializing their militaristic wild ambition for overseas expansion by rallying like-minded forces and deliberately creating security unrest.

Last year PM Suga unhesitatingly turned down a proposal for appointing some scholars as national academy members, for they say "no" to militarization of Japan. Those who oppose militarization are barred from entering governmental or non-governmental organizations. Worse still, military drills are extensively staged under the pretext of "threat" from the DPRK.

However, such moves result in dimming the future of Japan.

The operational radius of the SDF, which has been expanded under the pretext of "threat from north Korea", covers the whole world, far beyond its mainland. Its striking capability has surpassed the level of defense. This causes great consternation among the Japanese people and the international community.

It is clear what misfortune such inside and outside fury will bring to Japan.

All these facts prove that the Japanese reactionaries are the very ones that incite unrest and horror in Japan and threaten its security. 

(KCNA - February 19, 2021)

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