Carry through First Year's Tasks of Five-year Plan

(2) DPRK Posters

DPRK poster "Let us carry through the first year's tasks of the five-year plan set forth at the Eighth Party Congress!" (Photo Credit KCNA)

By Rodong Sinmun

All the officials, Party members and working people should adorn the first year of the new five-year plan with signal achievements by carrying through the tasks advanced by the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Everyone should turn out to implement the decisions made at the said plenary meeting with a high sense of responsibility as Party members and with high awareness.

All sectors and units should wage an all-out onward campaign to attain this year's goals set forth by the plenary meeting.

The advanced science and technology and the talents are the most precious asset and strategic resources guaranteeing the success in carrying out this year's tasks and the prospect of future development.

It is important to further enhance the role of science and technology as a traction engine so as to settle on a priority basis the urgent problems for consolidating the existing economic foundations and improving the people's livelihood.

Officials should regard it as an important methodology to find out talents before anything else and rely on them in grasping the situation of their sectors and seeking a solution to improvement.

The functions and role of the national economic guidance organs must be decisively enhanced. The Cabinet and state economic guidance organs should restore the function peculiar to them as an economic organizer and controller to improve the guidance and management over the whole economy.

What should be specially prioritized and innovatively embodied in the economic work for this year is just the nationwide, planned and scientific self-reliance.

The implementation of the national economic plan should be thoroughly guaranteed by law.

This year's economic work should be organized in such way as to enlist the potentials of the self-supporting economy and stabilize the people's livelihood as much as possible while strictly observing the nationwide emergency anti-epidemic discipline.

The DPRK is sure to win as the clear path for the implementation of the decisions of the Party Congress was opened and there is the intense loyalty of all the Party members and other people upholding the plans and determination of the Party in practice. 

(Abridged by KCNA - February 14, 2021)

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