Taehwabong Spring Water


Taehwabong is the peak at the skiing courses of the Masikryong Ski Resort in the Masikryong Mountain Range. (Photo Credit Uriminzokkiri, cropped)

The Taehwabong Spring Water discovered in 1974 gushes out halfway up a valley 200 m west of a ridge of the Masikryong Mountain Range in Thap-dong, Wonsan City, Kangwon Province.

According to the local inhabitants the water was well known from of old for its good quality.

Its temperature is 9.5 degrees Celsius and its yield per hour 3-3.2 cubic metres.

There is little difference in the temperature and the volume of water as it is a stream driven by structural pressure.

Taehwabong Spring Water

Taehwabong Spring Water in the production process. (Screenshot KCTV Video)

It is also mildly alkaline water, 7.2 in pH value.

This water contains kalium. sodium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral matters.

It is good for improvement of digestion and retardation of aging.

Those people who regularly drink the spring water say that its medicinal efficacy in health improvement is really remarkable.

(Uriminzokkiri - February 11, 2021)

* Taehwabong Spring Water and Masikryong Spring Water were designated as Natural Monuments of the DPRK in October 2016. - kr

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