Emergency Anti-epidemic Work Intensified in DPRK

Anti-epidemic activities in various places of the DPRK

Anti-epidemic activities in various places of the DPRK. (Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

The emergency anti-epidemic work has been further intensified in the DPRK recently to cope with the ever-worsening global health crisis caused by the malignant virus.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector is revving up the popular anti-epidemic atmosphere to make all the people fulfill their civic duty in the work for checking the inroads of COVID-19 while taking timely measures for ensuring the economic construction through an intensified anti-epidemic campaign.

Officials of the emergency anti-epidemic sector are further intensifying the work for combating the practices of disobeying the anti-epidemic rules and orders and of chilling the anti-epidemic atmosphere.

They are conducting ideological and health education in various forms and ways through mass media and education networks to make sure that all the people stay alert and carry out the anti-epidemic measures taken by the state.

The units in the field of public health are more responsibly conducting the work for medical observation and examination of employees and inhabitants under their charge.

Members of the anti-epidemic posts across the country are urged to fulfill their responsibilities and measures have been taken to strengthen the system of report by the population and the security guard system and thus promptly tackle any abnormal phenomena.

(KCNA - February 11, 2021)

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