Encouraging Letters to Service Personnel

On the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the heroic Korean People's Army (KPA), all the Korean people are extending their warm congratulations and inspiring greetings to the service personnel who are defending the security of the country.

Encouraging letters to service personnel

(Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

The young people in the capital city extended their sincere thanks to the service personnel for fully discharging their sacred mission and duty of defending the country, people and revolution, remaining true to the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

The young people in all other parts of the country, in their letters, pledged to demonstrate their might as the vanguard and shock brigade in the building of a powerful socialist country with the mind that they are standing in the same trench with the service personnel devotedly implementing the plans of the Party Central Committee.

The women, too, in their letters wished the service personnel, who are glorifying the precious youth with arms, good health and success in military service.

The women across the country asked the service personnel to reliably defend their posts while conveying the news of the rear where they are glorifying the days of loyalty and feats.

Reading the letters, the service personnel kept in mind again their mission as the defender of the country and the creator of the people's happiness, and vowed to take the lead in upholding the Party's people-first politics.

(Rodong Sinmun - February 8, 2021)

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