GFTUK 7th CC Holds 10th Plenary Meeting

(1) GFTUK 7th CC 10th Plenary Meeting

(Photo Credit KCNA)

The 10th plenary meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) took place in Pyongyang on February 4.

Present there were members of the GFTUK Central Committee.

The plenary meeting discussed ways of fully displaying the might of GFTUK in the struggle for implementing the important tasks set forth at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

The draft resolution for implementing the decisions of the Party Congress was distributed and speeches were made after a deep study of and discussion on it.

Speakers comprehensively and deeply analyzed and reviewed the achievements, shortcomings and lessons drawn in the past five year's GFTUK work on the basis of the main idea and main spirit of the 8th Party Congress.

They expressed their will to conduct in a dynamic way the work for imbuing the whole GFTUK with the revolutionary idea of the Party and to fulfil the responsibility and duty of its organizations in the efforts for carrying out the new five-year plan for the national economic development.

Discussed at the plenary meeting were the ways for GFTUK organizations to vigorously wage various mass movements, including the socialist emulation drive, and thus kindle the flame of collective innovation and raise the hot wind of creating new standards and hitting new records among all sectors and units of the national economy.

After the deep study and discussion at the meeting, the resolution on thoroughly implementing the important tasks set forth at the Party Congress was adopted with unanimous approval.

The plenary meeting also discussed and decided on the convening of the 8th Congress of the GFTUK.

Before discussing agenda items, the plenary meeting recalled Ju Yong Gil in consideration of his age and elected Pak In Chol as chairman of the GFTUK Central Committee.

(2) GFTUK 7th CC 10th Plenary Meeting

(Photo Credit KCNA)

(KCNA - February 5, 2021)

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