Woman Optician of Good Repute

Kim Nam Suk

Kim Nam Suk

Kim Nam Suk working at the public service station in Taesong District, Pyongyang, is one of the opticians frequented by many customers.

She not only precisely corrects her clients' spectacles lens according to their eyesight but also offers rims to meet their likings, ages and occupations.

Some people opt for glasses merely because they cannot see properly. In that cases, she informs them of methods for the protection and management of eyesight and makes appropriate glasses.

Pak Yong Ae, who lives in Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang, was one of such persons who tried to wear glasses first, instead of trying to find out the cause of trouble in eyesight.

But she received optical treatment in time following the advice of Kim Nam Suk.

"But for her advice, I might have lost my eyesight. So when I see people who are going to wear glasses, I advise them to visit the optician's of Kim Nam Suk," said Pak Yong Ae.

Every person in spectacles knows that the power of glasses does not absolutely depend on eyesight test indexes.

Since optometers may make mechanical errors, the wearers of glasses alone can know whether they suit them.

Such a problem is solved by dint of rich experience and skills of an optician, Nam Suk said.

Her workmanship is popular with clients as she satisfies both aesthetic value and character and taste with her delicate skills in the manufacture.

(Pyongyang Times - February 3, 2021)

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