Surveys on Wetlands in Full Swing

The Biodiversity Institute of the State Academy of Sciences is conducting surveys and researches on the wetland ecosystem briskly.

World Wetlands Day

In recent years, the institute has conducted regular surveys on species of waterbirds and the state of their habitats in the main wetlands such as the Mundok, Sindo and Kumya migratory bird reserves.

It estimated the annual distribution of waterbird species in the reserves by conducting surveys in the wintering and breeding periods with the emphasis on the waterbirds’ migration in spring and autumn.

According to the Asian Waterbird Census it estimated the bird species and their resources which winter in the coastal and inland wetlands such as Taedong, Ongjin and Wonsan Bays by conducting surveys on the wintering grounds of migratory birds from 2019.

As a result, it recorded over 100 000 of migratory birds of over 40 species in the 23 wintering grounds in 2019 and over 140 000 of over 40 species in 31 wintering grounds last year.

DPRK Waterbirds

(Photo Credit Naenara)

Globally endangered species such as Mergus squamatus, Platalea minor, Grus japonensis, Grus monacha, Anser cygnoides and Clangula hyemalis were discovered in that time.

At the moment the institute is conducting field surveys in tens of waterbird wintering grounds and carrying on the work to estimate the annual change in the migration periods of spring and autumn of waterbirds in the reserves.

Besides, it is conducting researches to designate scientifically migratory bird and sea bird reserves again in accordance with a recent change in the distribution of endangered species.

It is intensifying the research to implement the plan to select new boundary and functional areas of reserves by adding to the list of endangered species in over 30 areas by 2022.

(Naenara - February 2, 2021)

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