DPRK Industries Attain January Targets

Different industrial sectors and units have attained their targets for the first month of this year.

Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex

Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex. (Photo Credit DPRK Today)

Workers in the field of metal industry have over-fulfilled the January production plan, set by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, by displaying their extraordinary creative ingenuity.

Meanwhile, workers in the field of chemical industry, a key link in the whole chain of the efforts for implementing the new five-year plan, have also achieved their monthly production targets set by the Ministry of Chemical Industry.

Similar successes have been witnessed at power plants and coal mines under the Ministry of Electric Power Industry and the Ministry of Coal Industry.

Hochon River Power Plant

Hochon River Power Plant. (Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

Different units in the field of machine industry have achieved their monthly production goals and innovations have been made in the field of the mining industry.

Those under the Ministry of Forestry have carried out their monthly plans by dynamically waging a struggle for fully supplying timber to different fields of the national economy and the Ministry of Railways has over-fulfilled its monthly plan for freight transport.

The Sangwon Cement Complex has concluded its monthly production of cement by taking timely measures for full provision of raw materials and fuel and operating kilns and other equipment at full capacity.

Workers of the Sunchon Cement Complex have produced over 10 000 tons of cement more than the planned by making a strenuous campaign for increased production.

Workers of the Chonnaeri Cement Factory have also increased production.

Agricultural workers across the country are busy bringing homemade manure into the fields and cultivating greenhouse vegetables.

The Ministry of Light Industry has achieved its goal for January.

(KCNA - February 2, 2021)

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