For Epochal Progress of Korean-style Socialism

Torch of self-reliance


The Eighth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea which was held from January 5 to 12 set forth new strategic and tactical policies, tasks and ways for the epochal progress in building Korean-style socialism.

The congress analysed and reviewed the mistakes to be overcome in the overall work of the Party and the state in a detailed way and found correct measures against them to set higher goals in a scientific way.

In fact, the DPRK achieved great successes during the five years after the Seventh Party Congress.

The period was trying years for the country, as it was confronted with a multitude of trials and difficulties, including the severest sanctions imposed by the hostile forces, unprecedented natural disasters and the world health crisis.

Nevertheless, the DPRK accomplished the historic cause of crucial significance in national defence in a do-or-die spirit to protect its dignity and sovereignty and remarkably enhanced its international position.

In addition, it maintained the backbone of the socialist economy, self-supporting national economy, and further strengthened the single-hearted unity of the Party and the masses of the people by embodying the politics based on the people-first principle. In the course of this, it built numerous structures for the people's wellbeing and constantly enforced popular policies.

However, the WPK congress seriously analysed shortcomings, instead of successes. It is a manifestation of the Party's firm will to attain its goals at any cost with an understanding that success and failure in every work hinges on subjective factors.

Accordingly, the Eighth Party Congress stressed the need to remarkably increase the country's own force in socialist construction to win a fresh victory in all fields.

It emphasized once again the three ideas--"The people are God", "single-hearted unity" and "self-reliance"--and put forward a new five-year plan.

The idea of "The people are God" reflects the permanent demand for strictly maintaining the Party's revolutionary traits of making its devoted service for the people the starting point and invariable principle in its building and activities, while the ideas "single-hearted unity" and "self-reliance" represent the ideological and theoretical standpoint and political requirements on the lifeline and motive force of the Korean revolution.

The main point of the new five-year plan is to concentrate all efforts on socialist economic construction so as to stabilize and improve the people's standards of living as early as possible and provide a firm guarantee for achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance.

To this end, it set it as its main tasks to strengthen organic relations between key industries with metallurgical and chemical industries as crucial links in the whole chain of economic development so as to spur the revitalization of the economy in a substantial way, consolidate the material and technical foundations of the agricultural sector and increase the proportion of domestic production of raw materials in the light industry sector so as to improve the people's living standards a level higher.

(Pyongyang Times - February 1, 2021)

* Original headline: To usher in a new upsurge in socialist construction

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